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So you have all those Frequent Flyer Miles and Credit Card Points but have no idea where to start to redeem those Award Seats?

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  • How to accelerate your credit card points for that dream flight! A personally tailored strategy to rack up points fast
  • Learn how to get the best benefits from hotel loyalty programs. Executive Lounge access, Suite upgrades, Amazing Buffet Breakfast – here I come
  • Tips and Tricks on saving money when flying economy flights on an absolute budget. Save thousands of dollars!
  • Understand the different Frequent Flyer programs all around the world to fly First and Business Class for the fraction of the price


Anybody can fly (in a plane), but if you're looking for a unique experience then why not use the frequent flyer system and go first class, all the way. Few would deny that frequent flyer programs sometimes have the most arcane rules, but ask any frequent flier, and they will tell you that in the end, moving through all the red tape is definitely worth it, especially when getting perks that allow you to pay for a ticket with miles rather than your wallet. Whether it's cheap multi-city flights or multi-destination flights, the following are just some of the ways in which you can get even with the airlines.

Double Your Points

When using the airlines, there's no need to buy something without getting paid for it. The trick here is to double your purchasing power. For instance, purchasing a gift card from an airline's website with your rewards credit card is a great way of "double dipping". This also allows you to get three times the miles if you decide to spend the said gift card through the same website.

Rewards Seats

So, "How to book cheap flights using frequent flyer points?" That's a good question. Sometimes airlines give away what is known as reward seats if a flight hasn't been able to sell all of its seats a week before its schedule. These rewards seats comprise of a handful of business-class seats that come for a bargain basement number of miles. There are websites and apps where one can create alerts on when rewards seats are being offered on upcoming flights.

Save the Dollars, Upgrade the Miles

A round trip flight in economy class costs around $600, while a business class seat can set you back a few thousands. So, how do I use my frequent flyer points? By going with the economy class ticket and upgrading it with 25,000 miles. In other words, upgrades using miles is equal to paying just twice the price.

So, there you have it, the best ways of turning those frequent flyer points into something useful.


Your satisfaction is our priority with our 100% iron-clad money back guarantee.

In the first 3 months of the mentorship program if you find it does not benefit you - we will refund your money. You really have nothing to lose by trying this program out.

Imagine if you could fly First or Business Class with your partner to rome or the maldives knowing that you applied the techniques that we teach to accelerate your points and all you really paid for was with taxes!


Darren has helped me with my travel plans for over 10 years now. He has been a great source of information and advices on how to get the best deals for my holidays. I rely heavily on his extensive knowledge of the travel industry to get the most out of my credit cards points and airlines miles. With his help, I have been fortunate enough to be able to travel in luxury for a fraction of the normal price.

More importantly, he is trustworthy, resourceful and has always managed to answer my enquiries in a detailed and timely manner.

I rarely travel anywhere now without consulting Darren first. I strongly recommend that you do likewise so that he too can help you get the best deal for your next holiday.

Dr Steve Nguyen

Darren was able to get me a brilliant Melbourne accommodation deal with a five star hotel in a central location at a discounted price.  Darren was very prompt and helpful throughout the booking process where he able to tailor the deal to meet my requirements.



I can't thank Darren and his team enough !!!, We had such a fantastic trip to Malaysia. The upgrade to Business Class was amazing, we would never have been able to afford business class ourselves but with Darren's help it wasn't that difficult. I usually dread long flights but this made it so much fun. Speaking of up grades, the hotel room upgrade to the suite room was awesome. 

We travelled as a family and the extra living space was perfect for my kids to run around in. He was also able to get us executive lounge access and breakfast included in our room rate. If you want to experience a bit of luxury without breaking the bank, I would highly recommend at least talking to Darren first to see what he can organise for you. I will definitely be using him again for our next trip.

Ying Tran