In mid-November last year (2018) – American Express announced the biggest devaluation to the points-earning program that we have ever seen. It essentially meant that points were being devalued by around 50% this year on the 15thApril thus making it twice as hard to earn points to redeem for premium cabins. 

Also to add to insult was the devaluation of Krisflyer (24thJanuary, 2019) – it costs approximately 10% more to fly on business class.

After more than two months of digesting the changes and analyzing my options - I will explain what is occurring in my opinion to the main cards for Amex and my recommendations going forward. …

Singapore Travels

Marina Sands in Singapore

When asked about what I think are the best points currency to accumulate in Australia - I always provide the following in order of value and importance:

1. America Express Points

2. Qantas Frequent Flyer Points

3. Velocity Points

This to me is the general rule of thumb when accumulating points in Australia. Yes - there are other points currency such as SPG points, AAdvantage Miles, Alaska Mileage points and Krisflyer miles which are valuable as well - but the general public wouldn't know how to accumulate or use these points to the full effect.…

Breakfast Buffet at Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur

Buffet Breakfast at Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur

The Reserve Bank of Australia have recently imposed changes in regards to Interchange Fees for Credit Cards. What does this mean? In basic terms – the majority of credit cards will earn you less points, less benefits and less value. So what are you going to do from these changes? Are you going to give up and say everything is too hard? Might as well pay full cash for holidays?

To myself – these changes present extremely exciting new opportunities! What you can’t earn on the credit cards you used to be able to earn makes my mind formulate other strategies of multipying my points.…

Shangri La Bed 3

Shangri La Sydney King Bed

Recently my family and I stayed in the Shangri La Sydney Hotel in Sydney. I’ve always wanted to stay there due to the American Express Fine Hotel and Resorts Program. It provides incredible benefits where in a lot of cases the value of the benefits outweighs the actual cost of the hotel room itself.

In order to have access to Amex Fine Hotel and Resorts – you will need to hold the American Express Platinum Charge card.

I booked the most basic room with Amex Travel Online for the Shangri La Sydney hotel which is the Deluxe Darling Harbour King Room. The cost of the room was $280 for a Saturday night. Typically this is the most expensive night of the week for hotels.…

Conrad Centennial Singapore

Conrad Centennial Singapore

The Hilton program has recently gone through some changes.
Being a Hilton Honors member for more than 10 years now - it has gone through a
devaluation (or two) and enhancements.

Personally I have enjoyed the Hilton brand over the years.
With the easy to earn Gold Status from several different methods - to countless
upgrades I have earned for myself and my family - the majority of Hilton hotels
we have stayed in have been modern, comfortable and usually ticks all our
criteria when staying in a hotel.…

Conrad Maldives Restaurant

Overwater Restaurant on our trip to Conrad Maldives in January 2016

There is no Reason to use Cash when you can use Credit Cards!

Below is my opinion of how I think you should be paying for your goods and services. Note that I am not a financial advisor of any kind – but this is my experience with how I deal with my own (and my family’s) finances

The question I pose to most people paying for anything is why are you using cold hard cash which provides you with absolutely no return – when you could be using a (correct) credit card to earn you between 15%-60% back on your dollar in terms of business/first class redemption value pretty much every time?

Why would you use Cash when you could use Points and Improve your Financial Position at the same time?…